Whitley Gilbert

Whitley Gilbert

Senior Residential Property Manager

Staff Profile

Whitley is very passionate about working in the real estate industry and is excited to be part of the residential team at Vicus.

She values good communication and excellent customer service, and believes these to be the two most important skills to possess when it comes to being a successful Property Manager.

During her first role as a real estate agency receptionist, Whitley found she had a real interest for the industry and completed her Sales/Property Management registration in 2012.  She has worked in various positions, having experience in all facets including Sales, Trust Account and Property Management. 

Whitley embraces the variety and challenges of her role as Property Manager and looks forward to continuing her long real estate career with us at The Vicus Property Group.


"We appreciate your help a lot and hopefully something catches our eye because we both agreed we would want you as our property manager."

M Halleen - Tenant

"You rock"

E Doyle - Owner

"Thank you Whitley, we appreciate the report and it is very professional and informative"

S & T Delahunty - Owner

"Whitley, we appreciate you following up and providing further details.   Thanks Whitley, Good job on keeping the property leased."

T & S Delahunty - Owner

"Thank you so much for your communications and effort regarding my unit.  Very much appreciated."

R Stone - Owner

"Thanks Whitley, I appreciate all of your efforts.  You certainly are good at your job.  Thanks again.  Thanks very much Whitley.  That is a great outcome.  You have managed this property exceptionally."

H Featonby - Owner

"Thank you for your service.  Plumber did excellent job, first time for years have had hot water running as it should be"

M White - Tenant

"I wanted to thank you for your time and let you know that you are the most professional real estate agent we have liaised with.  You are knowledgeable and clearly very passionate about what you do.  We really appreciate your time and efforts."

M Summerell - Owner

"Thank you for your efficiency Whitley."

N Archer - Owner

"Your very professional manner gives us confidence that our unit is in good hands."

S & J Bruun - Owner

"Thank you for your promptness in making it possible in less than 24 hours.  You are the best!!"

L Cavalcanti - Tenant

"Thank you for all your assistance during our stay in this apartment.  You've been always so friendly and supportive."

Felipe & Renata - Tenant

"Thanks for your continued help as we come towards the end of our Lease.  I wish our last agent was like you!"

R Randolph - Tenant

"Thanks again Whitley for looking after my little nest egg."

A Muhlebach - Owner

"Just wanted to say thank you to yourself and the Owners for having the blinds fixed, has made life a lot easier for me."

M Mullins - Tenant

"This also gives me the opportunity to thank you personally for all your efforts in assisting us with the property.  I believe that you have always done an outstanding job of looking after our property and hope that this message is shared with your employers."

L Delhaize - Owner

"Just wanted to say that we have received very positive feedback about how accommodating you have been with assisting on getting keys to the contractors.  Just wanted to say thank you and pass on the praise!"

K Murphy 

"Thanks for being a cool property manager."

C Delhaize - Tenant 

"We appreciate your very good service."

V & G Naughton

"Thanks so much Whitley for your help and being so efficient!"

T Williams - Tenant

"Thank you so much for all your assistance in 2018, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and look forward to working with you in 2019"

J Graham - Tenant

Contact Details

P: (08) 9427 7955
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